We hope that after the beginning of May everyone is feeling great. We understand unsatisfied and we wait patiently on May 31 :) ...
Our crew ... at least part of it :)
Part of the office staff ... as always in a good mood. Gosia, Kasia, Arek and Mr. Wojciech ... indicate how much was the grilling of the sausage :) ...
New features
Since we have such a beautiful spring, we are taking on the programming of summer. Time T1 (day) set at 25 ° C, T2 (night) at 18 ° C, and time T3 set for one month :) ...
Maybe we do not launch new products too often. It is possible that we do not cover our customers' novelties. We just care that our clients receive the highest quality product. Tested and proven ... and we consider it the most important. ...

Welcome to our website

You have been with us for 25 years.

Thank you :)

During this time, we have received many awards and prizes, which have built a huge motivation for further action.

At that time too, we have gained your trust. Together, we create our solutions by combining common experiences. The assortment is gradually enlarged and modified to become even more perfect in meeting the expectations of our clients. Our goals are your peace and trust in our experience.

If we were to describe what our devices are made of, we would write that:

  • experience
  • love for what we do
  • reliability and accuracy